Sprinkler Academy

Class Bundle: Performing Basic Hydraulic Calculations and Calculating Water Flow in Single Loops - Apr 19-30 and May 3-6, 2021

Type: Live Online
Instructor: Cecil Bilbo
Start: Apr 19, 2021 11:00 AM

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For Engineers and Designers

Performing Basic Hydraulic Calculations

Apr 19-23 and 26-30, 2021

Join us for five days as we spend a few hours learning to perform manual calculations. These lessons will help anyone to fully understand calculations and the data involved. These lessons will prepare participants for the calculation portion of the NICET Exam.

Day 1: Basic Hydraulic Principles

Day 2: Flow and Friction

Day 3: K-Factors for Sprinklers and Branchlines

Day 4: Remote Areas Part 1

Day 5: Remote Areas Part 2

Day 6: Nodes and Paths

Day 7: Putting It All Together

Day 8: A Full Calculation

Day 9: 2nd Full Calculation

Day 10: Tips, tricks and surprises

Calculating Water Flow in Single Loops

May 3-6, 2021

Four-day class to learn how to calculate water flow simple loops using the Hazen-Williams, Hardy Cross, and the FLC Methods of hydraulic calculation. You should be familiar with the Hazen Williams Method of Calculations.)

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