Sprinkler Academy


Introduction to Most Remote Areas
Type: On-Demand
Duration: 29 min
Instructor: Cecil Bilbo

This course will guide the participant through the requirements for sizing a remote area found in NFPA 13.
10-Week Design Course - July 27-Oct 2, 2020
Type: 10-Week Design Course
Instructor: Cecil Bilbo

You can have a productive designer in 10 weeks. Graduates of the course will be able to lay out sprinklers and piping, and then calculate and stocklist an entire sprinkler system. And they will be able to do it using YOUR software. Upon completion, your new employee will have the equivalent of one year of experience (depending on the student, maybe more).
Clearing the Air: Nitrogen in Fire Protection Systems
Type: GoToWebinar Class
Instructor: Cecil Bilbo

Do you know the rules for using a nitrogen generator on a fire sprinkler system? These systems have become very desirable, given the increased rates of corrosion in dry-pipe systems in recent years. The NFPA 13 Committees have discussed the rules that must be applied to these systems and are scheduled to formally vote this fall. We will discuss these systems and the rules that are associated with them. Most designers do not know how these systems accomplish the goals from an application and practical perspective. We’ll discuss the right way to include these systems in your design and we’ll let you know what the Committee is currently thinking.