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We offer training for new and experienced professionals in the fire protection industry. Our classes range in topics from the basics of sprinkler spacing, to the review of plans and calculations, to the latest research and changes in the industry. 

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The Academy Exams program has delivered it's 100th certification in the state of Florida!

The Academy Exams is the certification program of the Academy of Fire Sprinkler Technology, Inc. Individuals that have achieved the Inspector II Certification from the Academy are eligible to apply for a permit from the Florida State Fire Marshal to perform the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.

Individuals that achieve the Inspector I Certification are eligible to apply a provisional permit.
The program was initiated by the Florida Fire Sprinkler Association, a chapter of the NFSA, and created by stakeholders from all across Florida. The first certifications were delivered in September of 2012.
Congratulations to all those that have received their Academy Certifications!

Inspectors may apply for a state permit after receiving the Academy’s Certification.  Apply for the Academy’s Certification here:  www.academyexams.com

The Academy of Fire Sprinkler Technology has signed an agreement with the Mexican Fire Sprinkler Association (AMRACI) to develop a certification program for designers in Mexico.  The certification will be awarded by AMRACI to successful candidates.  The program will be delivered by the Academy and approved by CONOCER, the certification body of the Mexican Federal Government.  This program will be the model for the certification of Sprinkler System Designers around the world.

Earn CEUs via our new GoLearning continuing education classes, featuring our primary instructor, Cecil Bilbo.

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The Academy’s first online classes begin on August 26th. You can take one class at a time or sign up for an entire semester’s worth of classes.  By taking all of the Sprinkler System Technology (SST) Courses, you can earn your diploma from the Academy of Fire Sprinkler Technology.  

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The Fire Protection Research Foundation has released their final report on “Fire Protection for Cloud Ceilings”.  The Academy was privileged to participate on the technical panel for this project. 

Read the report here: 


Upcoming Events

Live Webinar: Understanding the Spacing and Layout Rules

Applying the NFPA 13 Obstruction Rules                    2, 3, and 4 FEB 2016

Join us for three days as we spend a couple of hours learn the NFPA 13 rules for avoiding obstructions to fire sprinklers.  We’ll use differing real-world scenarios to demonstrate compliance and common mistakes.  Improve your skills in sprinkler layout and review with this series of classes.


Live Webinar: Understanding the Spacing and Layout Rules (Rescheduled)

How to Space and Layout Sprinklers                     9, 10, and 11 FEB 2016

Join us for three days as we spend a couple of hours learning to correctly layout and space sprinklers in differing real-world scenarios.  Improve your skills in sprinkler layout and review with this series of classes.


Live Webinar: How to Review and Approve Calculations

How to Review and Approve Calculations               17, 18, 19 FEB 2016  

Join us for three days as we spend a couple of hours learning to understand what to look for when reviewing hydraulic calculations.  This series of classes will help you understand calculation reports and determine if they have been conducted correctly.


The Academy is pleased to bring you a FREE On-Demand Lesson.
"The Introduction to Most Remote Areas" is available to anyone that has created a profile on the Academy website.

29 minutes                      Beginner

Excellent Class for: AHJ’s, Contractors, Designers, Enforcers, Engineers

This course will guide the participant through the requirements for sizing a remote area found in NFPA 13.  Participants in this class will learn the basic concepts for sizing a remote area.  Students that complete this course will be able to:

-          Select the remote area size from figure in NFPA 13

-          Identify when the ‘Quick Response Reduction’ may be applied         

-          Determine the correct reduction in remote area size permitted with the ‘Quick Response Reduction’

-          Determine when the size of a remote area needs to be increased

-          Determine the required minimum length of a remote area.

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